Thursday, July 16, 2009

1. Business Card

My business card

3. Fast Food

- Illustration
- Graphic Pun
- Scraper Board

Brief - To illustrate a graphic pun using a scraper board. The pun i chose to work with is 'fast food'. This illustration could be printed in the newspaper in the comical section or used as posters in fast food restaurants.  

4. The Bikies Cage

- Illustration
- Book Cover
- Painter, Oil paints

Brief - To design and illustrate a book cover for the pulp fiction novel written by Joe Blake about a young lady who is captured by a bikie gang. The requirements of the brief were to include: a cage, the female hostage, bikies, and their logo / tattoo. 

5. Lamborghini

- Illustration
- Lamborghini
- Color pencils and copic markers

Brief - Draw an illustration of a car. This illustration could be used as a framed poster inside the car yard promoting their new stock, or printed in auto magazines to advertise the car or high quality magazines that are targeted at wealthy males.

6. Illustration

- Illustration
- Theme: 1900's, Shape: Curves 
- Artline Pens

Brief - To design an illustration that portrays movement and style. The theme for my illustration was the 1900's, This is illustrated through the use of pocket watches, pearls, the pipe, and the music box. All of which also have curves. This art work can be used as a poster or printed in a magazine. 

7. SPRAY - Fashion Magazine

- Advertising
- Fashion Magazine
- Photography, Photoshop, InDesign

Brief - I chose the models, clothing and location and working with a photographer i art directed this photo shoot for a fashion magazine that i created call 'Spray', volume 1 - Attitude on clothing. Above is the complete layout. I researched quotes from famous fashion designers such as chanel and added it to the layout. This magazine is targeted at teenagers and young adults. 

8. Vultures Cafe

- Advertising
- Photography, Indesign, Photoshop

Brief - To create a Constantine fold menu / promotional product for the Cafe Vultures in Northbridge, that captures the feel of the restaurant. Working with a photographer i organized and art directed the photoshoot. Above are three spreads. 

9. Something Sweet Chocolates

- Southern Cross Packaging Design Awards, Brief E - Chocolate Box. 
- Advertising and Packaging 
- Photography, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Cardboard.

Brief - a) To create a chocolate package for a small chocolate company 'Something Sweet', as well as a new logo design. The gold cardboard box has a black stencil painted on and is closed together with cream and black ribbon and lace. These colors give the chocolate a rich feeling as well as promoting their company as sophisticated. b) To art direct a photo shoot for a chocolate company 'something sweet' and use those photos to create a series of three print advertising campaign. The ads just like the box are clean and sophisticated. The ads and chocolate are targeted at a mature audience. 

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

10. Loop Advisory

- Live Job
- Stationery
- 'Loop Advisory'
- Rebranding

Brief - To create a new logo, business card and stationery for the company Loop Advisory. The requirements were that the logo and branding were to be friendly, welcoming as well as clean and sophisticated.  

12. Voss Water

- Advertising
- Voss Artesian water
- Print / Poster 
- Indesign and Photoshop

Brief - To create an Advertising campaign of three poster ads that can be used as stand alone posters or in magazines to promote Voss Artesian Drinking Water. The Voss bottles have been used to create icons from different cities. Such as, the view from Perth over the river (with the reflection), Big Ben from London and the Leaning tower of Pizza from Pizza.